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The Comprehensive Guide For Dry and Dehydrated Skins

The comprehensive guide for dry and dehydrated skins A lot of dermatologists go on about what you can do to prevent your skin from feeling tired, dry or even dehydrated. However, what happens when your skin already feels like that? With 30% of the population experiencing dehydrated and dry skin, it’s a problem too prevalent to ignore. What is dehydrated skin? Generally, your skin fits into one of five camps; dry, sensitive, normal, oily or combination skins. Throughout the year your skin may change slightly depending on various external factors such as temperature, climate, working conditions etc. Therefore, you may experience drier, more dehydrated skin during the colder months - this is down to a mixture of both central heating creating...

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How to Be More Eco-Friendly

How to Be More Eco-friendly Living a more eco-conscious lifestyle can be easy when you know how! From recycling plastics, creating a compost heap at the bottom of the garden and purchasing only ‘slow fashion’…You may find yourself in sustainable overload! We have teamed up with The Fore Studio’s founder, Hannah – who has given us an insight into her top tips for living a more sustainable life. 1. Fast fashion vs slow fashion The first of our sustainable tips lies in what we wear. The fact that the fashion industry will be responsible for using up 1/4 of the world's carbon budget by 2050 shocked me to my core. Nearly 53 million tonnes of garments are being produced every year,...

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How to keep your skin hydrated 101

How to keep your skin hydrated 101 Don’t you find that people are forever banging on about how to keep your body hydrated, yet as soon as someone mentions skin hydration – it becomes a case of everyone looking around awkwardly at one another. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here to clarify, what is hydrated skin, how do you know your skin is hydrated and most importantly, how to hydrate it! What Is Hydrated Skin? When you start to think of what hydrated skin looks like – you think of plump and dewy looking skin, almost glistening it's smooth texture in the sunlight. While there may be some truth to this, it doesn’t necessarily mean you look flawlessly airbrushed. Don’t...

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Help! Can natural deodorant darken underarms?

Help! Can natural deodorant darken underarms? You never really think about checking your underarms for discolouration. You’re constantly told to watch what you use on your skin – check the ingredients and know your facts. But when you switch to natural deodorant, does it darken your underarms? We wanted to investigate this a little further... Are dark underarms normal? Ok so let’s just clear this one up straight away – yes, dark underarms are completely normal! Just like some people have freckles or red hair, some people have variations in skin tone on different parts of the body. It’s part of the normal spectrum.  There is a negative perception of darker skin in armpits and other folds, but what if...

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Switching to a natural deodorant: How long does it take to adjust?

Switching to a natural deodorant: How long does it take to adjust? There are many ways to reduce the number of toxic chemicals entering your skin, one of which is switching to a natural deodorant. The hot debate is always if it’s worth it, plus the fear factor that you may sweat more during the switching process. So, how long does it take to adjust to natural deodorant? Let’s break it down and set the record straight… Why do we sweat? The easiest way of explaining why we sweat is to think of it as a built-in air-conditioning unit for your body, of which, you have around four million sweat glands – all that help you to release the correct...

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