Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved

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Our mission is simple; to make amazing, clean, natural and organic products that are better for human health & performance, the planet and its people.

Our passion is to help people feel, think and look better so they can make the most out of everyday and together we can give back to the people who need it the most.

Our journey has already started with our REFILLABLE Natural Deodorant and Hand Sanitiser and now more than ever we need people like you to help us have as big an impact as possible! Join us in living our ethos that you..





Founders, Kirstie, and Luke Sherriff met at Oxford University from where Luke signed a professional rugby contract playing for 11 years in the topflight of English rugby. Understandably he developed a dedication to elite health, diet, and wellbeing. His career was literally based on sweat and mud.

In 2005 while playing at Harlequins RFC he was introduced to the concept of endocrine disruptors within beauty products related to a potential negative impact on performance by a new fitness & nutrition coach Phil Richards who went on to train Amir Khan and currently Eddie Hall, The World’s Strongest Man. Yep, we have sent him one to test :) The whole team were told to consider the body washes and deodorants they were using and had aluminum within anti – perspirants explained. These blocks your sweat ducts to reduce perspiration which is crucial for temperature regulation of your body. For Luke and Kirstie this opened the ‘Pandora’s box’ of understanding beauty ingredients and caused them to embark on a career producing skincare alongside rugby and Kirstie’s successful beauty schools Pinks Academy.

With over 20 years of skin expertise, Kirstie was listed as the Number One Most Influential Person in the Natural Beauty Yearbook ‘Who’s Who’. She developed an organic spa product house, beauty schools, and trains therapists to have an elite 5* spa touch at spas including Āman Global Resorts, Cowley Manor, and at John Lewis’s first concept beauty spas. The pair have created a spa skin care line of 65 SKUs in Pinks Boutique and 16 SKUs for Proverb retail and spa treatment line.

In 2019 they product crowdfunded their Refillable Deodorant. This was the first to market in the UK, whatever our competitors say (!) but we postponed our big launch in April 2020. With Covid, we decided the right thing to do was to concentrate on selling our beautiful smelling non-sticky Proverb Hand Sanitiser motivated by our ‘one to one’ donation. Since April 2020 we have donated hundreds of litres of Sanitiser to those on the frontline or those in hygiene poverty. Donations include the Air Ambulance, Social Services Child Protection, and to multiple children and schools in need via The Hygiene Bank. It was a hard decision as we knew we were walking away from being the first to market on a large scale, but you can only be you and live your story and our motivation to help in the pandemic comes from our Get Out What You Put In lifefuelled core.

Proverb Co-Founder Kirstie explains, “It just works. This deodorant has been 3 years in the formulation, and you will be getting rendition 89. I have made many skincare products over the last 15 years and this one is special. You only have to look at the reviews that are mounting up. There has been no rushing, no stone left unturned as it is pretty evident if a deodorant doesn’t work, there is no hiding. I understand skin, how it reacts, what it likes and doesn’t and so have launched with sodium bicarb and non-bicarb versions alongside a special super sensitive version. Our remit was the holy grail- a natural deodorant that works, isn’t hard to glide on like many natural deodorants, that could work on sweaty sportspeople but also crazy sensitive skins, that refilled and could stay stable and last with no cosmetic packaging.”  No mean feat. Customer reviews so far have included ‘This is the Tesla of Deodorants’ and ‘This isn’t a run of the mill deodorant; it is something much better.’