Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved

Making your body wash last longer

With the cost of living higher than ever, making the most out of what you buy has never been more relevant. We’re all guilty of getting a little too liberal when sudsing up, but using these tips for making your body wash last longer is one easy step you can take to ensure you really savour the products you treasure the most. 

1. Using a shower tool 

Shower tools have been used for literally thousands of years to support us humans in cleaning ourselves, they remain an essential tool in helping to make the most of our washes. 

But which shower tools should you be using? Natural luffa sponges, organic washcloths and body brushes all come in handy when making your body wash last longer. Plus, they make for a much more sustainable alternative to plastic sponges and loofahs!  

Assisting in lathering up the body wash, the bath tools make the amount of wash you use go further- your product will last longer. 

2. Using the recommended amount 

This one may seem like the obvious way to get more out of the body wash you buy, but using the recommended amount of wash (as usually instructed by the bottle) can not only help you make the most of the amount of product but the product itself.  

This is because much like our body wash at Proverb, most companies will conduct in-depth research as to how their formula interacts with the human body and thus, the ideal amount to use, which tends to be no more than three pumps - or at least that’s what we recommend, as the formula is more concentrated than your average shower gel. 

3. Focus on how you wash your body  

Having a shower routine isn’t the only element to organise when showering. Thinking about the process and order in which you wash yourself is just as important as the products you use - it can also help to make the body wash you use last longer as you won’t end up reapplying more than is necessary.

It comes highly recommended that you start at the neck and work your way down the length of your body - not forgetting the legs and toes. This will ensure that you are left feeling clean and ready for the day!

4. Bathe less but bathe better

Nowadays, washing every day can be assumed or even expected to be the norm for many people. Of course, staying clean is essential to maintaining good hygiene, but it has been said that showering no more than three to four times per week can help to improve your skin. The body is a pretty incredible thing, as it has a natural self-cleaning mechanism that can become more effective when washing less, leading to a healthier surface and biomes.

It goes without saying that the less you shower, the less body wash you will use and therefore, the longer the body wash will last!

5. Pick the right body wash for you

It’s essential to use the right body wash for your skin type, at Proverb our body wash has been expertly formulated using all-natural, vegan ingredients designed to invigorate and nourish the skin. Launching with Wild Mint & Eucalyptus, Coconut & Tonka, Lemongrass & Myrtle and Bergamot & Basil. Proverb has created a range to suit all skin types and scent preferences without the use of any artificial fragrance. 

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