Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved

The Natural Facelift Facial

Say goodbye to the chemical Botox and hello to the ultimate workout for your face. We have just launched their jowl-busting new facial treatments, which are now being dubbed as a “natural facelift”.

After successfully launching in various properties across the UK and UAE - from Beaverbrook, Four Seasons DIFC, Cafe Royal and Atlantis, The Palm, just to name a few. Clients are jumping to the sound of a cardio workout for the face. 

Where is the natural facelift facial?

Cliveden House has led the way in the UK, premiering the Skin Workout in their Proverb Residency and a new Proverb HIIT facial pop-up launched at Chelsea Harbour Club in May. Focusing on high-intensity anti-ageing movements involving 'cryo dumbbells' and black obsidian sculpting tools, leaving the face feeling youthful and lifted.

Kirstie Sherriff, co-founder of Proverb talks about the importance of keeping your skin lifted to fight signs of ageing: “It [Proverb Skin Workout] performs, without the use of needles. You just need to work on one side of the face to notice the visible difference in cheek height, brow lift, fine lines being smoothed, the entire face and it’s contours change.”

“Not only that, but it’s simple and efficient to introduce to the spa, with minimal investment due to our capsule sustainable range and expert online training program. These are real spa treatments, always encapsulating the Proverb 360-degree treatment and wellness mentality so you will find your therapist working your trapezius, scalenes and sternocleidomastoid in your neck to relieve tension but also to ensure fascial release so you are not holding your face and clenching your jaw in a way to aide wrinkles or TMJ.”

Facials helping you look younger

Proverb’s core is centred around making clean, natural and organic products with lab-proven results that are better for human health, performance and the planet.

A JAMA Dermatology study suggests that completing facial workouts every day can make you look three years younger, with Proverb’s Skin Workout Facial targeting lifting jowls, leaving the face plump, fine lines ironed and muscles strengthened - be prepared to leave your skin feeling energised.

Unisex in appeal, it sells well to both those wanting a natural facelift, sporty gym lovers and those driven by their refillable sustainability and product sales removing ocean-bound plastic. 

There are three facials in the Skin Workout series depending on the spa or gym requirements:

Skin Workout Facial (60 minutes)

GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN with this specially devised high-performance facial. Our stretch therapists will warm up and prep the skin ready for the cardio section of this facial using active natural and organic ingredients - proteins, antioxidants and enzymes formulated for lab-proven results. Cross training, running, skipping and facial push presses are just some of the massage movements used to keep your jowls lifted, face plump, fine lines ironed and muscles strengthened. The treatment will conclude with a stretch and toning cool down.

Skin SUPER SET Facial & Back Stretch (90 minutes) 

Adds a back scrub and targeted massage with stretch for the back, traps, neck and pecs to your Skin Workout Facial. Recommended for those who undertake long hours sitting at a desk, travelling or for extra stress relief.

Skin HIIT Facial (25 minutes)

Focusing on the cardio element of the Skin Workout, perfect for those short of time or in need of a pick me up.

Gone of the days of whale music, instead, hypnotic Balearic beats, turned up loud, and on the right side of heart-thumping. It’s just the thing to transport you to a sunset spot on a sultry, Mediterranean island. 

Proverb is wanting to bring something new and disruptive to the spa space: “We are aiming to solve the things that have annoyed us over our years in the spa industry - high opening orders, long opening training and issues with repeat training.”

“Brands stealing and marketing online to your guests to sell them the products directly, greenwashing natural products, the gym and spa operating standalone and not upselling each other and, of course, therapist burnout from repeated deep tissue massage.” Says Luke Sherriff, co-founder of Proverb. 

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