Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved

Which body wash is best for your skin type?

You just have to walk down the aisles of Boots to feel a little overwhelmed at the number of body washes and shower gels on the market. From foaming aerosol cans to rich bath creams and that's not even accounting for the hundreds of different scent variations on the market. It can feel like a bubble-infused minefield - so, let us help you.

What is Proverb Refillable Body Wash

Proverb’s Refillable Body Wash is a 250ml wash that comes with an outer reusable bottle and paper pouch refills, using all-natural, organic and vegan ingredients. We are free from animal testing, SLS, gluten, Petroleum, Propylene Glycol or PEGs, artificial fragrance and many more. For the full free-from list, please refer to our FAQs.

With every order you are helping to reduce your single-use plastic impact, as you will only ever need one reusable bottle, from then on, you can just purchase the paper refill pouches and decant into the bottle. Not to mention with every product sold, we work with our partners at Greenspark and Plastic Bank who help us remove ocean-bound plastic - this can vary from 5 plastic bottles reduced to 25 bottles depending on the value of the product you order.

The scents

We offer 4 different scents to choose from with our Refillable Body Wash: Lemongrass & Myrtle, Wild Mint & Eucalyptus, Coconut & Tonka and our brand new scent Bergamot & Basil. 

Lemongrass & Myrtle

Lemongrass and Myrtle is a zingy, energising citrus scent, a true lemon sherbet smell or for those that love Asia, memories of a trip back to Thailand. Lemongrass oil is particularly renowned for removing impurities, detoxifying the skin and leaving it feel clean and clear. This is definitely a scent to try if you want to feel awake in the morning. 

Wild Mint & Eucalyptus

The best-selling scent for our Natural Refillable Deodorant as well as the Refillable Body Wash, an uplifting and fresh blend of essential oils to leave you feeling revitalised and smelling like a spa. 

Bergamot & Basil 

Our newest scent to the collection, it has a fresh citrus aroma with a very interesting herb background combining basil, thyme, clove and mountain pepper. If you are a fan of Proverb’s skincare, you may be familiar with the smell of this, as it is our signature scent in many of our skincare products.

Coconut & Tonka 

Coconut & Tonka is a gentle coconut with an interesting depth of tonka and coffee so it isn’t too sweet as coconut often is. This is a hydrosol, so good for sensitive skins, but if you are super sensitive it is always best to patch-test first and use a sample. If you would like to try samples of any of the scents before you purchase, please email so we can arrange this for you. It is important to note that we have purposefully tried to make our Coconut & Tonka scent as gentle as possible for sensitive skins, therefore a more subtle scent.

Why do you not have a fragrance-free option?

We don't currently offer a completely  fragrance-free option for our Body Wash - i.e a wash where your nose would smell no scent at all. However, our Coconut & Tonka body wash is a very mild scent. It is fragranced  with a hydrosol and legally we can list this as fragrance-free although we don’t. This would be the one we would suggest sensitive skin to try first. 

In an aromatherapy ladder of potential allergy risk, it would be Coconut & Tonka (least likely), then Bergamot and Basil and then Lemongrass and Wild Mint at the top. 

If you want to learn more about our refillable body washes, follow us on social media @proverbskin or shop our products for more.