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True or False? Uncovering Natural Deodorant Myths

natural deodorant myths

It’s the age-old factor that everyone knows…Natural deodorants make you react, which can be one of the main reasons people may be hesitant to try them. So, let’s delve into every natural deodorant myth we could think of, and understand what is true and false…

You can’t be allergic to natural deodorant

FALSE. Lots of people are sensitive to natural deodorants, as a large proportion of the well-known brands within the natural deodorant world use Bicarbonate Soda (Baking Soda) in their formulas. Why you may ask? As you may be aware, natural deodorant does not use aluminium with its formula. Therefore, without the use of aluminium blocking your sweat pores, it won’t stop you from sweating. However, this is where baking soda comes in, as it is the most natural alternative to aluminium without all of the nasties that come along with it.

You will get a natural deodorant rash

This is a classic case of it depends on different variables! This myth comes hand in hand with a common question we get: 'why is sodium bicarbonate bad in deodorant?'. Baking soda is a common ingredient within natural deodorants and some people are sensitive to it, hence why deodorants with sodium bicarb will sometimes cause a rashMake sure you are buying a natural deodorant that doesn’t just rely on Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) as a deodoriser and look for brands like Proverb Refillable Natural Deodorant that have options without baking soda.

There is no natural deodorant that actually works all day

Many people believe that natural deodorants never last all day. Therefore, leaving you with the annoying task of constantly having to reapply throughout the day. That is true of many natural deodorant brands, but not Proverb Refillable Natural deodorant. We set out to make the holy grail of natural deodorants, one that lasts as well as Sure or Mitchum antiperspirants - if you look at the growing 5-star reviews… we’re not the only ones that think this too!

You go through an armpit detox when switching to natural deodorant

Many natural deodorant brands suggest that you are going to have a massive sludge when switching over to natural, with an armpit detox that needs special armpit masks. We don’t think this is the case. There is a period of readjustment when you stop using a sweat pore plugging antiperspirant, but all this is sweat... in week one and two, you feel more sweat, while your skin and body readjust. However, this will balance and settle back to normal.

itchy armpits

Natural deodorant doesn’t work on me

If you find yourself saying “no natural deodorant work on me” ... then you probably just haven’t found the right one. We know, having tried nearly everyone on the UK and US market, that many don’t work to the effectiveness of the big antiperspirant brands. This is why we spent 3.5 years formulating one to blow this concept out of the park... and we have. Proverb natural deodorant is aluminium-free, and it works.

Natural deodorant stains your clothes

This is where the lie detector starts going a little crazy. What natural deodorants don’t do, is react with aluminium - causing super yellow staining that won’t budge, as you get with many antiperspirants. However, all-natural deodorants made with any plant oils, essential oils, plant waxes or butters are going to cause some marking on clothes as the base is an oil. Happily, it will tend to wash off very well. 

If you want a natural deodorant to work you have to apply more

People tend to go into regular deodorant/antiperspirant mode of applying A LOT, when with natural deodorant, a little does go a long way. With a seriously good formula like Proverb, you only need 2 swipes- once up and once down for it to work. A little goes a long way, you get good value for money and it is more sustainable as there is less packaging wasted each year.

Natural deodorant and antiperspirant last the same amount

We can happily tell you that this is a big old myth. Unlike regular deodorants or antiperspirants that roughly last 3-4 weeks on average, a natural deodorant generally will have a longer lifespan (this period can differ from brands though).

The Proverb Refillable stick deodorant will provide you on average with 8 weeks’ worth of use, if not more. With a seriously good formula like Proverb, you only need 2 swipes-once up and once down for it to work. A little goes a long way, you get good value, and it is more sustainable as there is less packaging wasted each year.

Natural deodorants aren’t strong enough to last during sport

Another assumption surrounding natural deodorants is that they won’t protect you if you live a busy and active lifestyle. However, this isn’t the case for Proverb’s Natural Refillable deodorant as we formulated it to do just that: a natural deodorant that helps you control sweat when you work out or sweat more than usual. And the years’ worth of beta testing reviews from sweaty athletes we have had back, confirm this. If you do a lot of sport, we will always suggest wearing the ‘Active’ Proverb Deodorants as opposed to the core collection, sensitive or teen-friendly - as these have been formulated to deliver the most body odour impact.

Only antiperspirants work for me, not natural deodorants

If you feel as though only antiperspirants work for you, then we would suggest that you haven’t tried the right natural deodorant. Aluminium can be replaced with some seriously interesting naturals, most often found in your kitchen. Tapioca starch, cornflower, arrowroot, all can keep armpits fresh and dry when expertly combined with Proverb’s natural deodoriser complex.

Wait, but what is the point of deodorant without antiperspirant? It all comes down to not blocking your sweat glands. There are healthier natural alternatives that give you all the benefits of an antiperspirant without the harm to your skin. 

 If you want a natural deodorant that works for you and can adapt to your needs, take a look at Proverb’s Natural Refillable DeodorantsProverb's deodorant formula is blended with only natural ingredients – no aluminium, petroleum, parabens, SLS, artificial fragrance or propylene glycol, and we get a few questions on why we choose to leave these ingredients out. Let's clarify:

Are parabens bad in deodorant? Yes, Parabens act as a preservative in deodorants but they have serious harmful effects: they disrupt hormonal balance by mimicking estrogen and have even been linked to some types of cancer, hence why Proverb doesn't use them.

Does deodorant have petroleum? Yes, many deodorants have petroleum, specifically a liquid compound derived from petroleum called propylene glycol. We don't use it in any of our skincare or deodorants since they clog your pores and petroleum chemicals made our list of ingredients to avoid in skincare.

Is deodorant with alcohol bad? Alcohol isn't inherently bad in deodorant and is great for its antibacterial properties. However it is also known for drying your skin and causing irritation. Avoiding deodorant with alcohol is ideal for sensitive skins.

Can deodorant be unscented? Of course! An unscented/unfragranced deodorant can still keep the smell of sweat at bay. That is why Proverb created the Sensitive and Unfragranced natural deodorant to help those with delicate skin stay fresh.