Do You Wash Your Legs in the Shower or Do They Wash Themselves?

It’s a debate that has caused quite a stir on our socials this week, should you wash your legs in the shower or do they wash themselves? Whichever way you look at it, we knew it was something that needed investigating further…

If you are sitting here right now reading this and haven’t been washing your legs in the shower, assuming the shower gel will work its way down and do the job, we would recommend you start washing them now. But how often should you directly wash your legs? Is it different if you have a shower to when you take a bath? There seems to be an unlimited supply of variables.

Why You Should Be Washing Your Legs

While there is no magical number to how many times you should be washing your legs, there are many reasons to be cleaning yourself regularly. One of the biggest factors in washing is to remove dead skin cells, sweat, dirt and anything that may lead to problematic body odour. Body odour most commonly occurs when your apocrine glands mix with bacteria on the skin. However, how much this happens all depends on the individual, some people may be more susceptible to body odour than others - both are completely normal.

Another reason you should wash your legs directly would be to keep any cuts or wounds clean. Your skin is a pretty awesome organ that can provide a natural barrier to bacteria, but when the skin is damaged, it can allow bacteria to get under your skin.

Equally, just as we’re telling you to wash your legs, there is a counterargument that washing your legs in the shower directly too often could damage your skin by washing away your natural oily protective barrier that sits on the skin. This can be worse if you use a shower to wash that contains alcohol, as it will naturally strip your skin. 

Ultimately, regardless of how often you wash your legs, you consider the following:

  • Does the skin on your legs appear too dry? If so, you may be washing your legs too often. Consider also if are you moisturising your legs enough.
  • Do you have any cuts or bruises on your legs? If so, you should take extra care to keep them clean to avoid any infections.
  • Have you been exercising? You should probably wash your legs as sweat could be lingering on the skin especially if you have a good layer of hair.

After some mixed reactions to our question ‘Do you wash your legs in the shower’ (we’ve heard strong arguments for and against it), we agree that ultimately you will know your body better than anyone. However, we would recommend always washing your legs after you have exercised - the sweat on the surface of the skin, when not washed off can seep into your pores and cause spots and blackheads and no one wants that! Now, we want to hear what you have to say: head over to @proverbskin on socials and tell us whether or not do you wash your legs in the shower.

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