Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved

The Best UK Sustainable Blogs in 2021


Whether you’re looking to be more sustainable and don’t know where to start or have fully embraced a greener way of life, but need a few pointers from time to time, we’ve got you covered. Here is the ultimate list of UK-based bloggers you need to be following right now. 

Blue Ollis 

From delicious vegan recipes to advice on holistic wellness, the Blue Ollis blog is an escape to a calmer and simpler world, away from all the busy social media platforms. As a keen advocate of living sustainably and nonviolently, Blue shares simple methods of being more present and advocating for the earth daily and effortlessly. Her YouTube videos on slow living are likely to become some of your favourites.

Ethical Bunny

With a unique take on sustainable fashion and cruelty-free beauty, Elfie (the voice behind the blog) has her feet firmly planted on the ground. After realising the power and importance that our purchases have on the world around us, the Ethical Bunny became a space to talk about everything ethical and environmental: from deforestation and soil erosion to the importance of seasonal eating. In Elfie’s words, “We have two homes: the planet and our bodies, look after them”.

Aim Plastic Free

With a misleading name, it would be easy to assume that the Aim Plastic Free blog posts would be solely focused on ditching grocery bags and straws. It goes far deeper than that. The author, Mia, sheds a light on all the hidden plastics of our day to day and provides moral support, inspiration and ideas to help you on your sustainability journey from an honest perspective.

Lizzie Loves

Lizzie loves organic solutions and you will love Lizzie! Food, health, natural remedies and whatever else you can think of is discussed on the blog. The founder, Lizzie King, is a nutritional health coach, cook, author, and mother of three: so prepare yourself for easy and fuss-free recipes, simple tips to calm the little ones and a focus on the healing power of plants.


Stories Behind Things

The Stories Behind Things blog explores sustainability and mindful consumption. Celebrating the story behind what we consume, Jemma Finch created the platform to showcase how daily actions do lead to greater lasting change. The blog has tackled topics such as climate, fashion and sustainability, with a poignant, candid tone that will leave you hooked on every word.

Ethical Unicorn

Taking your first steps into a greener living? Then this is the blog you need. Whether you want to get started by shopping more sustainably or find an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and fight climate change, Ethical Unicorn is here to help. If living sustainably seems difficult or you don’t know where to start, their “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Ethical Living” is a must-read.

Moral Fibers

Moral Fibres, a UK based eco-blog, is the passion project for Wendy, a sustainability expert. Wanting to make sustainability simple, Wendy researches and writes on all things environmental, with actionable measures that anyone can implement regardless of their lifestyle. Her book “Fresh Clean Home” is a great source for advice on natural cleaning products that are eco-friendly, money-saving and germ-busting.

Curiously Conscious 

There is something undeniably special about the Curiously Conscious blog, and we doubt we are the only ones who have noticed. Perhaps it’s the candour in Besma’s posts surrounding climate change reports or the fact that she does not compete with other sustainable bloggers and instead, she has built a platform that allows them all to grow together (the Ethical Influencers). Nonetheless, there is much to be gained from reading the Curiously Conscious blog, and we will not tire of recommending it to anyone trying to show the world more kindness.


A realistic approach to sustainability, the only way to describe this blog is through Jen’s philosophy: do what you can, one baby step at a time. With no preaching, no judgement, no expectations of eco-perfection, the Sustainable(ish) blog, podcast and books give you limitless practical help and support. It’s your antidote to eco-anxiety and your guide to being imperfectly green.

My Home Farm

Moving to the British countryside was more than giving up stressed-filled city lives for the couple behind My Home Farm: it was the chance to start over and build a simpler life in a more sustainable home. Check out the blog for your daily source of ideas on how to take an eco-approach to home improvement and DIY projects.

At Proverb we are experts in all things natural and organic, so narrowing UK sustainable bloggers to just the top 10 was not an easy feat. Which is why we had to give out an honourable mention to a team favourite: Madeleine Olivia. Her plant-based recipes are a guaranteed crowd-favourite and her easy tips to cook more plants, declutter your life and live more sustainably will keep you coming back to the blog time and time again.

Did we not mention your favourite blog? We’ve shared this list on our socials, so feel free to head over there and tell us what sustainable blogger we should know about!