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Why you should get your skincare from Glaciers

Thirty years ago explorers set out to the Antarctic to harvest bacteria from the base of glaciers. They were keen to investigate how it survived in such harsh climates and what the benefit could be if applied to humans. While they were there they discovered a marine glycoprotein that has not only cryoprotective properties but also a restructuring effect that protects against dryness. When applied to skin it was shown to encourage skin regeneration, defend against environmental damage (esp extreme cold) and hydrate the skin. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this vegan friendly and gluten free super ingredient increases collagen synthesis by up to 34% and has the ability to reduce wrinkle depth by an average of 44%...

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Support Will Greenwood's Arctic Challenge 2018

We've always had a ton of respect for Will Greenwood (still the best rugby mind I have ever played with), but never more so than now. While we were playing at Harlequins Will and Caro's first son Freddie was born at 22 weeks and lived for less than an hour. Premature birth is the leading cause of death and disability in children under 5. In the UK, 60,000 babies are born prematurely. Borne is a charity with the mission to improve the lives of babies and mothers through pioneering research into the treatment and prevention of premature birth. This April, a courageous team of Borne supporters, including Will, have set themselves an extreme challenge: to walk to the North Pole and...

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IN THE PRESS - The City Magazine

GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN - the HIIT of Skincare. By The City Magazine. Founded by a skincare professional, a former international rugby player, and a GB rower, Proverb Skincare has a pragmatic approach to your morning routine, creating the 4x4x4 regime - 4 products, 4 movements, 4 minutes. It's also the only male collection to be endorsed by the Environmental Working Group, and comes with an app to personalise your daily regimen. Fronted by model and former rugby pro Thom Evans, Proverb takes high-performance sports mentality and brings it to skincare. 

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NEW REVIEW - Tony Flynn

"I use @proverbskin Skin Resistance Training Supplement on a daily basis as part of my routine. The supplements are nutrient-rich packed full of Vitamin C, D and Zinc. I've really started to notice the difference in my skin since using the supplement and would recommend them to anyone living an active lifestyle."   Read more from Tony Flynn here

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IN THE PRESS - GAY TIMES. 'A guy's guide to great looks'. Words - Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah. Images - Tom Buck. Grooming - Shamirah Sairally Okay guys, it's safe to come out now. The cold weather is done for. Of course April showers are a thing but that's no reason to stop your Spring/Summer wardrobe blooming like nature around you. We are fully aware that with seasonal change, however, comes the shock factor of questions suddenly arising like "is my skin ready", "how am I supposed to dress if there's still a possibility of cold or rain?" and "now that I don't have to carry a backpack, what do I take with me that will go with my looks?" Get that...

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