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IN THE PRESS - Wallpaper Magazine

IN THE PRESS - Wallpaper Magazine. words: Harriet Lloyd-Smith. Proverb is the new, organic male skincare range formed by power couple Kirstie and Luke Sherriff, who met while studying at Oxford University. The influential skincare consultant, and former Harlequins RFC player joined forces to employ their extensive knowledge of elite nutrition to a concise line of skincare and supplements to aid wellbeing for the active man. To accompany the products, the duo has created an app to personalise routines and monitor progress. Self-styled as the ‘skincare equivalent of going to the gym’, Proverb maintains that all components of the body are interlinked: skin, diet and mentality. The proof is in the proverb: ‘You only get out what you put in’.  ...

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NEW REVIEW - Street Gentry

 NEW REVIEW by Street Gentry - PROVERB. GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN. "We often receive a variety of grooming products to review, from shaving equipment to facial creams. Most tend to be good but few urge us to change our own skincare regimes – that was until were were introduced to Proverb. Created by former Harlequins RFC player, Luke Sherriff, his wife and Beauty specialist, Kirstie Sherriff and former British Rower, Ben Burch – Proverb was created to “inspire men to feel better about their skin, body and mindset through being lifefuelled”. As a new brand, Proverb has a small range and for the last month I have been using two of the products – the Cleanse and Shave Nutrient...

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PROVERB PT - Detox your diet

  Neville Kenwright is a top London personal trainer, and owner of newly launched F45 in Fulham.  F45 Fulham is a new concept training centre dedicated to the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world. Check out our founders Luke Sherriff and Ben Burch being put through their paces here (link to a page with a video showing Luke and Ben experience F45, being trained by Nev). As part of the F45 training regime they offer a quarterly 8 week nutritional and training challenge. Week 1 of nutritional 'Spring Training' has been designed to alkalise and detox the body focusing on cleansing, eliminating possible irritants and stimulating specific functions. Nev explained to Team Proverb why this...

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Feel like a Spartan. Proverb launches at F45 Fulham.

  Team Proverb headed over to F45 Fulham for a 'Roman's' session.F45 is team based HIIT training in a boutique studio environment. It's group training meets functional fitness and places emphasis on three key factors 'motivation, innovation and results'. Forty five minutes, ten different sets, repeated three times - all with your team 'pod'. We LOVED it.Huge thanks to the team at F45 Fulham, special shout out to Joe, Nev & Jodie. Try it out for yourself, sign up for two weeks unlimited training at F45 Fuham for just £49 - click HERE. Proverb Skincare is now available to buy and try at F45 Fulham. 

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  Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and can absorb up to 70% of what you put on it. As with your diet it's important that you 'feed' your skin with a healthy mix of vitamins, minerals and proteins. At Proverb, our elite sports background training, means we understand how important the ingredients in your skincare are. Everything in a product should be there for a reason, no filler, just stuff that will actually get results. Something you will find across all Proverb product are anti-oxidants. Kirstie Sherriff, Proverb Founder, explains here why they are so important, which ingredients to look out for to get your hit of them, and which ones we use in Proverb. "An anti-...

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