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Kirstie's Grooming Bootcamp in Men's Health Magazine. The Manual Facelift by Kirstie Sherriff, Proverb Skincare Founder. 1. Neck Extension - 4 reps. Lift your chin and hold briefly. Dip it two inches, bounce back up and hold. That's one rep. 2. Facial Press - 4 reps. With your fingertips against your jaw drive them up your face for a natural cheek lifter. 3. Eye Lift - 4 reps. With your thumbs on your temples squeeze your hands together to create gentle pressure. 4. Forehead Fly - 4 reps. Pull your hands apart to gently stretch the skin on your forehead.    

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FREE Proverb Facial Scrub (worth £30) when you buy any (full size) Proverb Product+ Perfect to slough off the dead skin cells at the end of summer. The Proverb Facial Scrub should be used once or twice a week. This will remove the top 'damaged' layer, and stimulate new cell production of fresh, brighter skin. The results are immediate and highly effective. The Proverb Facial Scrub uses proteins and power grains to gently exfoliate the skin and anti-oxidants to help protect skin from further damage. +While stocks last, for a limited time only, one per customer.

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Future Proof Yourself

As we head into Autumn this is the time of year for renewal both in terms of fitness, metal approach and grooming. It’s time to recharge, renew, and get back into a time of heavy training rather than performing. Here’s our tips on how to Future Proof yourself. Future Proof your fitness The fitness regimes you put in place now will not only ensure that you look and feel great now, but also have a massive impact on your overall health in the future. There are three areas that you can work on now that will help long term; Weights – resistance training will build muscle strength which will not only look good now, but help ensure a strong and...

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The Face of Male Grooming is changing

FOUNDER INTERVIEW BY FEELUNIQUE - MEET THE DUO ON A MISSION TO REINVENT HOW MEN THINK ABOUT SKINCARE.  Luke and Kirstie Sherriff want men to start thinking about skincare in the same way they think about other aspects of their lives. Men know that having a good diet and doing a substantial amount of exercise will be reflected in how they look and feel, given then that over half of what you put on your skin is actually absorbed into the body the same attitude should be applied to their grooming routine. With that in mind in 2017 the couple launched Proverb in 2017 to provide men with targeted products that would make them feel better about their skin and body and...

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The 5am Club

  Proverb Mind. The 5am Club. At Proverb we are great believers of ‘get up, get it done’. We’ve been reading a lot about this approach which Robin Sharma, a motivational speaker and leadership coach, has coined as ‘The 5am Club’. His concept is to get up at 5am everyday and use this hour to train, prepare and practice. Taking control of your mindset, improving your focus and getting ahead. “Winning starts at your beginning. And your first hours are where the great hero’s are made. Own your mornings and you’ll master your life”. He’s not alone Richard Branson, Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon and Ernest Hemingway are all well known to be have been early risers. At Proverb HQ we’ve been...

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