Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved

Weird Beauty Products You Have To Try

Over the past few years we have seen an explosion in self-care and beauty products, the pandemic left people becoming self-certified therapists overnight. Can't get in for a facial? Don’t worry I’ll buy myself an LED infrared light machine. Can’t get your nails done? It’s all good, I’ve got the gel polish in my bathroom cabinet. Can't book in for an eyebrow tint? I’ll dye them at home. 

It’s become very easy to buy weird and wonderful gadgets to spice up your beauty routine, but do they actually work?

By Dr Vali, Cutis: The Ultimate Micro-Contouring Tool

In the new age of contoured cheekbones and chiselled jawlines comes the Ultimate Micro-Contouring Tool by dermatologist, Dr Vali, who spent two decades researching microcurrents and their effects before making the actual device. It offers five different settings with a combined power of up to 14,400 oscillations per minute. The settings include options of radiance, lightning and tightening, micro-contouring and tension relief. Dr Vali suggests using this three times a week for 5-15 minutes per session, as this allows your facial muscles to adjust. However, if you’re thinking your jaw or neck needs a little bit of tightening, this little device will set you back £525.00… might be one to ask Santa for!!

Aesop Post Poo Drops 

Before we even think about explaining this one, can we just give a round of applause to whoever thought of this idea? We couldn't write a ‘weird beauty products you have to try’ blog post, without mentioning the Aesop Post Poo Drops changing the bathroom game. The brand describes the product as “a botanical bathroom deodoriser that effectively neutralises disagreeable smells with crisp notes of citrus peel and discreet florals.” I think we’re sold. 

But how does it work? Dispense into the toilet bowl after flushing. Additional drops in the hand basin will intensify the aroma, to the benefit of subsequent visitors. This product also gets bonus points for its packaging of the bottle being glass, an eco-friendlier alternative to plastic!

Snail Serum

Yep…You read that right, COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin 96% Skin Repair Serum. Probably not one for the animal lovers out there. But the Korean beauty product has been taking the skincare world by storm recently with its lightweight and effective serum. Formulated with 96.3% Snail Secretion Filtrate, this moisturiser protects the skin from dryness and ageing by repairing the skin's moisture. This snail serum improves the skin's vitality by reducing dullness and soothing dehydrated skin with snail mucin. The product is also Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist tested, Animal Testing FREE, Parabens FREE, Sulfates FREE, and Phthalates FREE. I guess slow and steady does win the race after all…

At-home hair stylist

Now I know we have got used to doing things ourselves at home, but this one may be a step too far. The Split Ender Pro is a straightener-looking device that removes your split ends as you move the contraption down your hair shaft. Sounds great, right? However, this handy little contraption will set you back £159.00… Or you could just go and get your haircut for £30.00.

LED face mask

If you’re in the market to invest in a high-priced beauty gadget, this may be the one for you. The Déesse Pro Déesse Professional Led Mask Next Generation is taking light therapy to a new level. The device harnesses the power of four different wavelengths - red light, blue light, green light and near-infrared light - with a choice of six treatment modes… We guess that explains the hefty £1680.00 price tag! It is a safe, pain-free and entirely non-invasive way to diminish dark spots, battle breakouts, lessen scars and stimulate collagen. It claims to reverse signs of damage while helping the skin become stronger and firmer. This is clearly the ultimate investment for the future of your face, but the real investment is moisturising your face from an early age. Proverb disclaimer* The therapists in the office say you really should know a lot more about light therapy and which colour to use on what skin types before you splash your cash! We would definitely visit a reputable salon that offers LEDs first.

There you have it, 5 wonderful and (some) very weird beauty products, let us know if you have tried any of these products on our social media @proverbskin.