How to get the most out of life by Proverb founder, Luke Sherriff.

My background is professional rugby, training with and playing for Harlequins taught me physical rigor and determination. It also taught me the power of the mind. How you deal with challenges and your attitude towards them has a huge impact on overall performance. 

It was commented on that I had a different attitude. I simply looked at life differently to most people. Instead of seeing live as a series of difficult challenges I truly believe that every day it gives us an opportunity to be inspired and do better.

It wasn’t until recently however when I read Viktor Frankl’s, “Man’s Search For Meaning” that he was able crystallize this idea for me. In the ground breaking book he concludes that in the search for the meaning of life "it is not really about what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us.’  Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to the challenges that life asks of us by acting in best way possible at any given time and that this is the route to fulfillment and happiness.

Now as a business owner, husband and father I’ve taken this approach with me and applied it to life. I get up early, I train with the School of Calisthenics to build my body physically, I love my wife, I never lie to my children, I enjoy time with my friends, I am building my own business and loving it. Living life to the full and living life fuelled. 

Try it..Get up, get on it and start winning at life. Live Lifefuelled.

 Luke Sherriff, Proverb Founder.


Follow our series of Proverb MIND, PT and GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN for more insights and info on how to maximise your personal performance. 

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