Our Hero Products Winning Big at Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021

Over the past year we have been fortunate enough to achieve some incredible milestones within Proverb, one of which we are particularly proud of – winning four Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021 for our hero products.
Back in June 2019 a very small Proverb, set up a crowdfunding page to transform co-founders, Kirstie and Luke’s reality of creating a sustainable bathroom – starting with a Natural Refillable Deodorant. 500 amazing people bought deodorants which enabled our first run and these were delivered in December 2019. The stage was set for a big launch in April 2020 … or so we thought! Covid scuppered the investment round and launch. Instead, we decided to produce on a small scale for a year beta testing the efficacy. 
Every time it came into stock, it sold out within a day or two and the amazing feedback started to grow.
As people are starting to become more health conscious, they start to question the products used in their daily routine. 
“Is this benefitting my health and the environment?”
“Is this the best alternative with minimal waste?”
With many reports linking Aluminium (found in antiperspirants) to breast cancer, we knew that even if these reports and clinical studies always have a polar opposite study – anything with a potential health risk is better to avoid.
So, Proverb Natural Refillable Deodorant was born. As with a real child, it didn’t go exactly as we imagined it but fast forward to March 2021 and we are officially launched!  Like you, this plant powered formula is focused on living better, for longer. The product uses only natural and organic ingredients with no potentially toxic chemicals such as aluminium, parabens, petroleum or aerosol gasses.
It wouldn’t be right to not mention the eco aspect of the product, as you will only ever need to buy once with a case, then all you will have to do is purchase the refills. Proverb is committed to reducing the worlds plastic consumption with 100% recyclable refill packaging that can go straight into the paper stream, or compost pile – the most important thing is, it doesn’t end up in the plastic heaps.
A little really does go a long way, lasting 8 weeks which is 3x the life of an aerosol. With the subscription service you can have your refills delivered direct to your door, that’s just 30p a day to stay fresh – with the right ingredients for your body and health.
There are many people who believe that natural is not always the most effective solution, although we understand their reasoning… we wanted to prove them wrong! Which was why our deodorant taking three years to formulate with over 89 different variations of the formula, to finally find the one that fit. We tested the deodorant on lots of sweaty humans from athletes, parents, teens to someone who sits at a desk all day – 93% of customers agreed “it worked all day long at home, work and the gym”. A collection of subtle, not overpowering scents that last all day long, so you can stay confident and fresh.
Beauty Shortlist Eco Lifestyle Winner
Deodorant Awards
We are over the moon to receive three awards from The Beauty Shortlist, Eco Lifestyle Awards and Wellbeing Awards for our Natural Refillable Deodorant. Drum roll...
Proverb stands for ‘statements of truth’ and so the Beauty Shortlist, Wellbeing and Eco Lifestyle Awards are close to our heart. Most UK beauty awards are linked to advertising and magazine spends but these are completely independent and completely ad/sponsor free. You have to send in products and real industry experts and judges have to use them for a number of weeks and vote.
Hand Sanitiser
Back in the beginning of 2020, we had just started to introduce our new Refillable Hand Sanitiser to salons, spas and gyms across the globe. Starting with a trip back in December 2019 to Dubai, to introduce therapists at Caesars Palace and FIVE to Proverb’s sanitiser for the ultimate gym hygiene etiquette.
Skipping forward a few months and the world became a very different place, COVID-19 had spread across the world, causing people to stay at home and take their health to level never experienced before.
Everyone became very aware of unhygienic our lives truly were, holding onto a shopping trolley, picking up multiple items in a shop or even someone coughing around you – made you feel like you should be running for the hills. The world became sanitiser mad!
natural deodorant
Instead of creating skincare and getting ready for our upcoming deodorant launch, we put all of our efforts into producing sanitiser – offering it to local schools, communities and charities that really needed it.
We launched our one-for-one campaign, for every sanitiser sold we donated one to the Air Ambulance service local heroes that were protecting millions of lives during the pandemic. We knew that even as a small brand, we wanted to make a big difference.
And that, is exactly what we did. Our hand sanitiser became a best seller, with hundreds of 5* reviews raving about the fact that not only was the product refillable and subsequently reducing your plastic consumption, it didn’t leave your hands dry and sore like regular hand sanitisers would!
Enriched with Wild Mint, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Lavender essential oils, it allows for a relaxing aroma when spraying on the hands and great for children who don’t like the usual “tequila smell” associated with gel sanitiser. The product has 70% alcohol content within to meet all of the WHO and Government guidelines on sanitiser
Now, our Natural Refillable Hand Sanitiser is protecting thousands of people all across the UK and we are focussing our efforts on our one-for-one donations to The Hygiene Bank who provide soaps, sanitiser, hair care and many more to those who are experiencing hygiene poverty. 
best spray sanitiser
Sanitiser Awards
We are very proud of our sanitiser bottles and the good they have been doing and so are delighted that they have also been given an accolade from The Wellbeing Awards.
Proverb Skincare Skin & Gym Sanitiser Spray (70%) - Commended
We just want to say a big thank you to Beauty Shortlist for these awards, and a big thank you to all of our awesome customers who have supported us along the way. This is just the beginning of Proverb. Here’s to getting out more of what you put in!