Men's Summer Skincare Tips




Men's Summer Skincare Tips.

Summer is harsh on your skin; the heat causes you to sweat more and there’s generally more dirt and dust in the air, moving from air conditioned offices to steamy streets makes oily skin oiler and dry skin drier, pores seem bigger and skin is more likely to breakout. Stack on top of that the ageing effects of the sun, and your skin really needs some help.

Here’s our five top tips to looking after your skin this summer.

1. Keep it clean – make sure you cleanse your skin morning and night to remove any dirt and grime. Plus, your skin will be working hard to heal irritation and inflammation, give it a hand by exfoliating twice a week to take off the dead skin cells and increase blood circulation. The Proverb Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud and Proverb Skin Definition Facial Scrub are great to keep skin super clean and fresh.

2. Get your vitamins – look for a vitamin rich serum to feed your skin such as the Proverb Strengthening Skin Serum with ingredients such as pomegranate (rich in vitamin C, a summer skincare essential which reduces discolourisation and stimulates collagen production), acai (antioxidant rich to help protect the skin) and seabuckthorn (loaded with vitamins and fatty acids to help repair and reduce wrinkles). Apply a serum morning and night under your moisturiser to nourish and repair the skin.

3. Use a skin issue specific moisturiser – now more than ever it’s time to listen to your skin and use a skin appropriate moisturiser. If you find your skin starts to feel oily about an hour into your day look for a oil specific moisturiser, like the Proverb Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser, which will help to keep skin clear and fresh throughout the day. If you find your skin feels tight look for a moisturiser specifically for dry skin like the Proverb Hydration Pro Moisturiser which will keep skin nourished and hydrated. If you have a question about which is right for you, email ( or DM us (@proverbskin)

4. Use protection – find a good SPF and include it in your summer skincare routine. We’re working on one at Proverb (teaser…more on this to follow soon!), but until we crack it, try to find a good natural sunscreen. We’re currently using sunscreen from Green People or Babo Botanicals, which work well over the Proverb Moisturisers. Plus stick on a hat or a cap, the bigger the brim/peak the better – keep your face in the shade if you can.

5. Eat smart – go for seasonal fruits and vegetables, drinks a ton of water and avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks. Look for water rich fruits such as watermelon (it’s 90% water, plus rich in vitamin C), and cucumber (also mainly water), plus those high in vitamins and minerals like pineapple (which has bromelien – said to fight inflammation) and tomatoes (with lycopene which has strong anti-ageing properties). Check out people like Melissa Hemsley and The Mindful Chef for ideas.

Follow these five tips to help you keep your cool as the weather heats up. 

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