Future Proof Yourself

As we head into Autumn this is the time of year for renewal both in terms of fitness, metal approach and grooming. It’s time to recharge, renew, and get back into a time of heavy training rather than performing. Here’s our tips on how to Future Proof yourself.

Future Proof your fitness

  • The fitness regimes you put in place now will not only ensure that you look and feel great now, but also have a massive impact on your overall health in the future. There are three areas that you can work on now that will help long term;
    1. Weights – resistance training will build muscle strength which will not only look good now, but help ensure a strong and healthy body in the future
    2. Yoga – gently stretching and building muscles through yoga will have great long terms results. Your body will build muscle around key joints such as your spine, your heart will work harder and it helps to prevent cartilage breakdown
    3. Cardio – getting your heart rate up to around 120 BPM just once a day can help to burn fat, reduce stress and aid long term heart health.


Future Proof your mind

  • Harvard have released a study of how to keep a healthy mind. Their top three recommendations are;
    1. Keep learning – challenging your brain, learning new skills will active brain cells and stimulation communication between them
    2. Use all your senses – sounds bizarre but stimulating the brain with scent/visuals/sounds that are unfamiliar activates learning
    3. Believe in yourself – Harvard state that the very simple belief that you can improve and grow, will in turn make you improve and grow.

Future Proof your face

  • Summer has given your skin a battering, sun damage, training outside and working in a polluted city can cause skin to look dull and drained. Use a scrub three times a week to slough off dead skin cells and encourage skin renewal
  • Feed your skin, up to 60% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed into your body. Ensure you feed your skin with vitamins and proteins to nourish and repair the skin by using a serum such as the Proverb Anti-Ageing Serum
  • Get a grooming routine in place. This isn’t about short term fixes to maintain long term skin health and hold back the signs of ageing you need to do a regular grooming routine everyday. Keep it simple, just doing cleanse, serum and moisturise morning and night will have a huge impact in the long run.

Looking after you body, mind and skin now will have a huge impact both now and in the long term keeping you healthy, happy and better looking for longer. Nice.



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