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Wall of Awesomeness

This wall is dedicated to all those amazing people that helped us bring our dream of creating a Refillable Natural Deodorant to reality and backed our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. All of these incredible people saw an opportunity to make smelling great much more. Creating a positive change for their health and the planet, reducing singe use plastic, while also supporting WaterAid. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be start of the most profound change for the better. 
We will be forever grateful and you will forever be part of #TeamProverb
Kirstie + Luke



More ways we crush it


Stuff you would never eat, drink or put in your nutri bullet Petroleum, SLS, artificial fragrance, propylene glycol. EWG healthy living certified.


If you're not happy, just return within 30 days. Problem solved.


Free shipping on all UK domestic orders. Remember we ship globally also.


Every product is formulated in Cambridge, England.

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