What TEAM PROVERB® is doing to help..alongside making hand sanitiser! #staysafe

We hope that you, your family and friends are all okay. The core ethos at PROVERB® has always been to improve the health of our customers and those around us making this current situation with COVID-19 all the more pertinent. 

There are some enormous challenges ahead for us all. We wanted so we wanted you to know …

  1. We are here to help so shout with whatever you are thinking/need/ are worried about, whatever it is. Kirstie and I are still picking up all incoming communications and will be producing as much useful content as possible over the coming weeks. 
  2. Helping overcome the global hand sanitiser shortage. We have changed all our production facility to Hand Sanitiser only, we have a batch arriving this week but alcohol sources are drying up so it might be a while before the next batch. 
  3. We are reducing margins on sanitiser to make it as viable for people to grab as possible. We are implementing a BUY 1 GIVE 1 sanitiser model one. We will be sending it to our local hospitals & schools still, nursing homes & NHS staff.
  4. For the last week, we have been putting mini bottles of sanitiser in every order to help you #staysafe and will continue to do so.
  5. All our team has been sent home. Kirstie & I can still pack as the warehouse is basically an extension of our house. Nobody else is in it or near it and so while couriers run we can send you any products you need.
  6. Like many of you, we are trying to work out how to home school at the same time!!


If there was ever a time to live the ethos #getoutwhatyouputin, it is now. Be safe, be kind and stay at home. You are all amazing and we will come out the other side stronger and more grateful.


L, K and Team Proverb xx

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  • Jim Murdoch

    Hi Guys, I know the time is not now but if you are looking for ideas to work on whilst you are house bound how about thinking about an everyday scent based on your current products? I’m thinking of mainly the focus body oil?
    Hope everyone is well and stay safe.

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