Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved


PROVERBSKIN - Press Release

20th June 2019

PROVERB*, Lifefuelled Skincare, was launched in late 2017 with a range of clean, natural and organic skincare products for men that are lab proven to work. Based on the ethos that you ‘get out what you put in’ across all areas of your life from work, to family through to making your mark on the world, founders Kirstie and Luke Sherriff, wanted to create a brand that would be part of helping people feel, look and think better – to get the most out of every day.

Recent launches on Etihad Airways, in Harvey Nichols (Dubai), Cowley Manor and Beaverbrook Hotel & Spa (UK) have demonstrated that this is a feeling and way of thinking that is attracting a growing following.

In truth (for PROVERB which stands for ‘a short statement of truth or advice), this has just been the beginning of the journey towards their most ambitious project yet.

 proverb skin

Founders, Kirstie and Luke Sherriff

Proverb is a collaboration of Kirstie’s 20 year’s expertise, creating certified clean, natural and organic skincare products and Luke’s 2 degrees in Human Health and Genetics from Oxford University, where they met back in 1998.  Add Luke’s 11 years of elite sports nutrition, training and a fixation on performance as a professional rugby player (with Harlequins and Nottingham RFC) and they have arrived here with the wholehearted belief that product companies need to change.

 To help bring this change about they are launching an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign on 7th July 2019 to raise funds to start a social enterprise with the mission to “create a range of wash room amenities that are better for consumer’s health, the planet and its people”. Once the campaign goes live people will be able to pre-order the product, subscribe for a year or be one of their corporate partners.

 The first product on which the crowd funding is based is titled ‘The World’s Kindest Natural & Refillable Deodorant’. The natural deodorant itself has been in development for over a year and at its core has the same USP as all their skincare to date – using clean, natural, safe ingredients that work. 

save our oceans

Delilah and Basil Burch (#teamproverb) pick up plastic with @4ocean in Bali, June 2019

Most importantly it is refillable, reducing the single use plastic in your life. Over a lifetime you could throw away hundreds of empty deodorant packs. What if Proverb could turn that into just 1 for every customer! The idea is a simple one. You keep your original hardwearing deodorant case and they will send you refills reducing plastic by 98%. The aim is to transfer this idea into more products in the range such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash for spas, hotels and gyms so that they can help other businesses meet their corporate social responsibility targets by working with a social enterprise born with wellness at its core.

Water Aid

As for the final piece of the puzzle, they are an official partner of WaterAid**, and have agreed to donate 100% of the profits at a minimum of £50,000, of this new unisex range of products to the charity. WaterAid is an international not-for-profit, determined to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation.

 Marcus Missen, WaterAid’s Director of Communications and Fundraising said:

“We’re delighted to partner with Proverb, who share the value of making a difference in the world through sustainable practices.  Businesses play a crucial role in ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene by helping to raise awareness both with consumers and sector wide and doing business differently by prioritising the health and wellbeing of people and planet.

The crisis in access to water, sanitation and hygiene is ongoing with hundreds of millions of people worldwide being denied access to these basic needs. By working together we really can make a difference.”


But of all the great causes in the world why WaterAid? Well, they have their daughter Layla to thank for that. Back in 2016, when she was just 6, Luke was talking to Layla about their plan as a family to give 10% of their disposable income to a charity that could help families that were less fortunate than themselves.

As they sat watching YouTube videos from several charities, this WaterAid one really struck a chord with Layla ( being shocked that there are children in the world that had to walk 4 miles a day for dirty water! This reaction is not a new one but her solution to the problem was one that only the open mindedness of youth could conceive, “why not give them 100% of our income?”

Proverb Skin

  Layla and Luke Sherriff 

At the time Kirstie and Luke were stumped, but a chance meeting with the inspiration, Karen Lynch, CEO of Belu Water (who give 100% of their profits to Water Aid - £1million last year) made them realise that they could achieve a family dream by creating a sustainable business that would combine their passions for clean, natural, effective products with their drive for wellbeing not only for their customers but the planet.

Karen Lynch, CEO Belu Water said:

“The first time Kirstie and Luke heard the Belu water story in detail, I was chairing a panel for a WaterAid event for International day of the girl. They got almost as excited as I do on the social enterprise model – (a business that exist primarily to make positive change in the world). They were fascinated to learn how our 100% of profits to WaterAid model worked, given our business also has an ‘environment first’ approach.  It has been joyous to spend time around my kitchen table with this powerhouse of a team, to see their idea develop and to embrace both those things.  This product that truly innovates in its sector to reduce waste.  Combine this with transforming lives through access to clean water through a small change to your personal hygiene routine… what’s not to like? I’ll be signing up for sure.”

With a growing cohort of consumers made up of Millenials and Gen Z***, of which Layla is one, who have a real passion for doing better for the planet and its people as well as themselves the hope is that Proverb’s new social enterprise can take some of the $70 Billion Global Deodorant Market and turn it into a positive mark on the world.

All they need now is for people to, “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams


Proverb Skin Refillable Deodorant


Dates and links:

Those interested in supporting this campaign will be able to sign up in advance and receive early bird offers between 24th June and 6th July 2019 at

Then for 3 weeks from the 7th July to the 29th July 2019 you will be able to fund the project by either donating, or pre-ordering one of the product packages available that range from £20 to £500.

Editor Notes

Product samples – due to the nature of crowd funding, samples are not currently available but please email to be put on list to receive samples after funding.

*PROVERB skincare is renowned for taking CLEAN, ACTIVE and ORGANIC ingredients and formulating them to deliver LAB PROVEN RESULTS. We take the understanding and efficacy of elite SPORTS NUTRITION choosing ingredients you would happily put into an organic smoothie and apply it to your skin. PROVERB is a #LIFEFUELLED training program comprising of skincare, supplements, and expert advice – driving your SKIN, BODY and MINDSET to peak condition.

**WaterAid is an international not-for-profit, determined to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation.

*** According to a recent study by The Economist, 79 percent of millennials prefer to purchase products from a company that operates with a social purpose. What’s more, a recent survey by Morning Consult showed specifically that consumers who are young and urban were much more likely to support a company backing the rights of protesters like Kaepernick to kneel during America’s national anthem.

This sentiment intensifies among younger demographics like millennials and Gen Zs, and in markets like the US. According to a 2017 Cone Communications survey, 87 percent of American consumers stated they would purchase a product based on values or because the company advocated for an issue they cared about.

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