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The 5am Club


Proverb Mind. The 5am Club.

At Proverb we are great believers of ‘get up, get it done’. We’ve been reading a lot about this approach which Robin Sharma, a motivational speaker and leadership coach, has coined as ‘The 5am Club’. His concept is to get up at 5am everyday and use this hour to train, prepare and practice. Taking control of your mindset, improving your focus and getting ahead. “Winning starts at your beginning. And your first hours are where the great hero’s are made. Own your mornings and you’ll master your life”. He’s not alone Richard Branson, Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon and Ernest Hemingway are all well known to be have been early risers.

At Proverb HQ we’ve been in the 5am club for over 6 months now and the benefits have been brilliant;

  • We have more energy – due to the build up of energy when we sleep we are most alert when we first wake up, so it’s been fantastic to put this into something productive straight away.
  • It’s nice and quiet – getting up before most of the world, it’s great to get ahead before the ping of emails/social media kicks in
  • Winning – just by getting up ahead of the day you feel like you’ve achieved. You’re winning before you’ve even started the day.

Weekends are tough though. Here’s our 5 tips to getting up at 5am;

  1. Try not to eat your dinner the night before after 7pm, make sure you head to bed in time to get a good 6/7 hours sleep. The key here is quality rather than quantity of sleep
  2. Don’t lie in. When the alarm goes, get straight up and on it. No snooze buttons.
  3. Work out. Training throughout the week, ideally 5 or 6 times will definitely help you spring out of bed in the morning
  4. Get goal focused. Set yourself some BHAG ‘Big Hair Audacious Goals’ in life, getting up with purpose will be hugely motivational
  5. Just do it. Try it for a week, you’ll soon get into the habit of it and it will feel really natural to get up at 5am.

Try it, just for a week and see if it suits. We’d love to hear your feedback. See you at the 5am Club.

Team Proverb.


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