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Still Washing Your Face With Soap: Is it A Good Idea Or Should I Avoid It?

A recent American study from CeraVe found that 52% of consumers use bath wash or hand soap to cleanse their faces. You could almost hear the screeching of dermatologist’s voices when this was announced. Let’s be very clear from the off, you should never be washing your face with soap. The lack of public knowledge around cleansing was staggering, which is why we are here to help. This is the ultimate guide to washing your face with soap: is it a good idea or should you avoid it? What is soap? Soap is a cleansing agent created by the chemical reaction of fatty acid with an alkali metal hydroxide. Chemically speaking, soap is a salt composed of alkali metal, such as...

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Proverb ASSESS. Find your ultimate skincare routine

When starting fitness training it's important to first look at your current routine, review what you're doing and what can be adjusted for maximum performance taking into account your goals, if not why not and setting new goals for the year. The same applies for skincare. It's important to first assess your current routine; the products you use, your approach to things like drinking water, the number of hours you spend outside, and what you're trying to achieve be it from anti-ageing to finding a routine that works for sensitive skin.  From here narrow it down to just a few products, that really work for you, and help you to achieve your goals. On the Proverb app we have developed...

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