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Antiperspirant Vs Deodorant: Which is better for you?

Antiperspirant Vs Deodorant: Which is better for you? Do you reach for a deodorant or antiperspirant in the morning? Most people would look at us blindly and say “deodorant, of course”. However, that’s not entirely the case – as a lot of people don’t know the difference between the two. This is what we are here to help work out which is better for you – antiperspirant vs deodorant? Perspiration: What happens when you sweat? Before we even begin to compare antiperspirant vs deodorant, you need to understand what happens when you sweat (or perspire) and why. Sweat comes from the 2-4 million sweat glands located all over your body. In short, when we get hot, sensors in the body...

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The Best Deodorant For Sweating And How To Control It

It happens to all of us, whether you’re a serial sweater or every now and then – everyone sweats. But for something that happens daily to everyone, do you really know what happens when you sweat? Or even why you may sweat more than others? We have broken it down for you, so that you really know what the best deodorant for sweating is… What is sweat? Sweat is your body’s in-built air conditioning unit and is essential for good health. Your 4 million sweat glands enable you to maintain a safe body temperature and to release sodium (salt). You most commonly feel this in your underarms, feet and palms. Sweat is a clear, odourless liquid. It only smells and...

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Does aluminum free deodorant work? Everything you need to know about Proverb’s natural deodorant!

As the world becomes more socially aware of the environmental impact of products, people are left questioning whether a natural is better. From the food you eat, to the products applied on your face and the deodorant used every morning. But do they really work? More importantly, does aluminium free deodorant work? Or are you going to be left in a smelly state? We investigate natural deodorant… What is aluminium and what is deodorant? First of all, let’s start with what deodorant actually is. People tend to use the word “deodorant” as an umbrella term for anything we wipe on our underarms – which isn’t exactly accurate. The confusion starts when you start talking about the differences between deodorant and...

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