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Proverb PT. Putting the FUN in Functional Fitness

Proverb PT: Putting the FUN in Functional Fitness.

Team Proverb are huge fans of The School of Calisthenics. Set up by David 'Jacko' Jackson (ex Rugby Pro) and Tim Stevenson (pro-athlete coach). The School of Calisthenics provides progressive training programs and calisthenics workouts to help explore your physical potential and build strength. But it's more than's fun too. Here's the thinking behind why it's so important to have fun while getting strong.

"As children we learn new things all the time, sometimes being taught and sometimes through the experience of trial and error. One thing’s for sure, along the learning process there will have been failures. As we become older and turn into adulthood however, we stop learning new things. We stop challenging ourselves due to fear, because we worry of failing. George Bernard Shaw said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Playing is a great way of developing new skills in a fun way where success and failure are less separate. The learning process is fun and enjoyable where the failures merge into the learning journey." Jacko

The School of Calisthenics builds in elements of fun to all their training. Don't get us wrong...this is tough, it's not easy, but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable.

"Training with The School of Calisthenics has pushed me to my limits, challenged me to the extreme, but with their supportive, progressive and ultimately fun approach I look forward to the sessions, I can see my development and I enjoy the journey" Luke Sherriff, Proverb Founder.

Training isn't just something we schedule into our lives these days, it is a way of life. If we're committing our time and energy to something why not make it something that you look forward to and enjoy. But it's smarter than that too, from a physiological PT point of view by putting development in the context of fun it allows us to safely explore our own personal limits, challenges us, and helps us go beyond where we think we can go.

Team Proverb are currently training with The School of Calisthenics to take part in their World Record Handstand attempt on the 23rd June. 

Follow our progress via Insta Stories @ProverbSkin. Sign up yourself (you can take part from anywhere) here.