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How To Exercise In The Heat Like An Athlete


Phew…so the weather has been HOT. Great, this is perfect for training in peak season. From a sports training perspective, this is a fantastic way to bring your body to its mental and physical peak.

Training in hot weather is hard work, but incredibly beneficial. Studies have shown that it increases perspiration, aids cardiovascular fitness through an increase in blood plasma levels, and surprisingly also reduces overall core temperature while also increases muscle force.  Basically helping you to go faster for longer. It's also effective psychologically: if I can do it and it’s this hot, I must be doing it well.

Here are five tips from Luke Sherriff, ex Rugby Pro and Proverb founder.

Stay Hydrated 

Training in the heat will make you sweat, this is good as your body is working hard to dissipate the heat, improving heart function and making it work more effectively in the long term. 

It’s important to drink whenever you feel thirsty and top up post-workout. Try coconut water to replenish electrolytes and sodium.

Little by Little 

Your body can’t perform at its usual levels in the blistering heat, so don’t set out to run the marathon in 10 minutes. Start with some low-intensity training, and build up as your body gets more used to it. 

And remember to carry chemical or physical sunscreen with you. Cover any exposed skin with a thin layer and reapply as you go: this avoids blocked pores that can lead to overheating. 

Running Clothes For Hot Weather

You want to cool your body down whilst working out, so opt for light-coloured and flowy fabrics.

Since the British weather isn’t known for endless days of sunshine, carry a lightweight raincoat with you, it will help maintain heat level while you train if the temperature changes and avoid you needing to cut an outdoor exercise session early due to some heavy clouds.

Breathe Properly While Running 

This tip is the simplest and most universal, not just for summer runs. Breathing calmly, smoothly and continuously through your workout is key. 

Breath control will help you get the most out of your workout, help connect your mind to what you’re doing…and stop you from fainting!

Rest From Exercise

Exercising in temperatures you aren’t accustomed to will be an intensive experience. Same as with any training, your body will benefit from having a rest day once a week. Recovery days help avoid injuries and overtraining, benefiting both your physical and mental health.

Please note that everyone reacts differently to training in the heat. Stay safe, don’t overwork your body and look after yourself. Do not try this if you have been ill, feel at all weak or feel at all uncomfortable.