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As we head into July/Aug this is Peak season at Proverb HQ. This is your time to shine. This is when all the hard works pays off. This is when it all comes together.
We’re talking physically and mentally. The best way to achieve sustained peak performance is to develop a consistent habit that produces consistently great results. i.e. All pro players have a fixed routine before they perform that gives them to confidence to deliver their best performance time and time again.
When applied to skincare this is the time to get your skin in Peak condition with a simple, repeatable skincare routine that will give you great results and keep you at the top of your skincare game. With guidance from top skincare experts, facial massage therapists and sports physicians we have developed the Proverb 4x4x4 Skin Training Regime. Four Products, Four Moves, Four Minutes.
It’s really simple;
Step 1. Supplement & 4x Neck Extension
Step 2. Cleanse & 4x Face Push Press
Step 3. Serum & 4x Eye Lift
Step 4. Moisturise & 4x Forehead Fly

Watch Thom demonstrating the Proverb 4x4x4 here.


For a limited time only get all four products from the Proverb 4x4x4 Ultimate Grooming Set for a Special Price of £145 (save £50). Choose between the set with Proverb Hydration Pro Moisturiser for Normal to Dry skin or the set with Proverb Oil Balance Pro for Normal to Combination skin.
Plus send us an image or a video of yourself doing the 4x4x4, or one of the moves from the 4x4x4, to win at £100 voucher that can be spent on - email us at hello@proverbskin or send via insta DM @ProverbSkin.
The time is now to GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN, and reach your PEAK.


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