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At Proverb we are always looking to learn new things, to build on our existing knowledge and find out new intel. to takes us forward both in terms of physical and mental fitness.

One thing that’s important to both is the concept of happiness, and living your best life. We’ve been doing some interesting reading about a concept from Japan called ‘ikigai’ . It is apparently the secret to a long, happy and meaningful life. Sounds good! Here’s what it’s all about…

There’s no direct English translation of ‘Ikigai’, but it’s something around the concept of the words ‘Ikiru’ which means ‘to live’ and ‘Kai’ meaning ‘the realization of what one hopes for’. Put these together and it comes out which ‘a reason to live’ or having a true purpose in life…we like this!

Breaking it down further it’s a combination of what you love, what the world needs and your talent.


To find your Ikigai ask yourself;

  • What do you love?
  • What are you good at?
  • What does the world need from you?

There doesn’t need to be just one answer, it’s more about directing the things that you do on long terms basis around these key areas. It’s a slow thing, a long term thing, that helps direct life choices and physical and mental focus. 

We thing that striving to find answers to these questions and looking for a balance between these areas is strong route to finding your role in life and from that a sense of fulfilment and happiness. Really it’s the Japanese version of Get Out What Your Put In!


Follow our series of Proverb MIND, PT and GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN for more insights and info on how to maximise your personal performance. 



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