Pre-Season. Time to do the hard yards


At Proverb HQ March / April = Pre-Season. This marks the return to a regular pattern of targeted training. In the early stages of pre season the training will focus on improving general fitness levels for the activity with the major emphasis being physical fitness such as strength and aerobic work. As the pre season progresses the emphasis shifts to higher intensity speed and power work and then in to skill related fitness as the start of the season approaches.

This is all about putting in the ground work, creating a foundation, and setting good pathways. There's no easy option...this is about long hours, hard work and focus. 

We apply this mentality to our physical training and our grooming routine. 

In terms of skincare this means ensuring that we don't cut any corners. Morning and night we will take our supplement, then cleanse, serum and moisturise, each with an element of facial massage to maximise results. Once a week we will scrub. We call this the Proverb 4x4x4. Four moves, four products, four minutes.

Watch Thom Evans demonstrate the Proverb 4x4x4 here.

Set your Pre-season routine from today to set strong foundation and ensure that you will reach peak performance come season. This is about setting the right processes and putting in the time.

To help ensure you have the right kit, we will be giving away a FREE Proverb Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud with every (full size) Proverb product.


Team Proverb.


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