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Pre-Season Training: Workout And Skincare


what is pre season training


At Proverb HQ, March/April marks the beginning of pre-season. But what exactly is pre-season training? How should your workout adjust? And how should your skincare routine differ during pre-season? We’ll break it all down for you.

What Is Pre-Season Training

Pre-season training marks the return to a regular pattern of targeted training. It gives athletes a few months to get their bodies into prime shape before the season formally begins. It is essential to ensure your body is properly conditioned and prepares athletes for the efforts their bodies will go through during the season.

How Your Workout Should Change During Pre-Season

In the early stages of pre-season, the training will focus on improving general fitness levels for the activity with the major emphasis being physical fitness such as strength and aerobic work. 

As the pre-season progresses the emphasis shifts to higher intensity speed and power work.

When the start of the season approaches, the focus shifts once again, this time to skill-related fitness.

So, what is pre-season training at its core? It is all about putting in the groundwork, creating a foundation, and setting good pathways. There's no easy option...this is about long hours, hard work and focus. 

At Proverb, we apply this mentality to our physical training and our grooming routine. 

Skincare During Pre-Season 

In terms of skincare, a pre-season training mindset means ensuring that we don't cut any corners. Morning and night we will take our supplement, then cleanse, serum and moisturise, each with an element of facial massage to maximise results. Once a week we will scrub. We call this the Proverb 4x4x4: four moves, four products, four minutes. 

The upcoming months are warmer, will likely involve more exposure to elements and more demanding daily activities. This is why skincare during pre-season is so important to prepare our skin and minimise any adverse effects. It really can be as simple as four minutes to achieve this, so take a look at Thom Evans demonstrating the Proverb 4x4x4.

Set your pre-season training routine from today to set a strong foundation and ensure that you will reach peak performance come the season deadline. This is all about setting the right processes and putting in the time.
Want to read more about our approach to Pre-Season? Visit our blog post on What Pre-Season means to the Pro's, where we chat with David ‘Jacko’ Jackson is a former professional rugby player turned professional Strength and Conditioning coach and callisthenics athlete.