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New year, new skincare regime? Well why not? It’s possible that you’ve already got yourself into a wellbeing, fitness frame of mind, so while you’re there, you could consider Proverb, a new(ish) brand that describes itself as a ‘lifefuelled training programme’. The idea is that it brings together skincare, supplements and expert advice to ‘inspire men to feel better about their skin, body and mindset’.

Hmm, sounds a bit intense and potentially over-complicated, but actually  founders, Kirstie and Luke Sherriff (he played professional rugby for 11 years, she comes with 20 years of skincare experience and expertise, the third founder is GB rower Ben Birch, Proverb’s IT expert) say that Proverb is ‘simple and concise’, combining ‘clean’ ingredients with lab-proven results. Using it, they say, will make you feel the skincare equivalent of going to the gym – that’s happy and confident, as opposed to knackered!

So, what does the range consist of?

Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud (£30 - 100ml) which combines a deep cleanser with a shaving cream, with vitamins and minerals to protect and boost skin function. The idea is that after shaving you should massage the residue of the mud around the face before rinsing off. If your skin needs a little extra cleansing help. Once or twice a week use Skin definition Facial Scrub with proteins, to refresh and improve tone and texture.

Hydration Pro Moisturiser Pair Straight.jpeg

If you like the extra repairing and fortifying effects of a serum before you moisturise, there’s Skin Strengthening Serum (£65 – 30ml), which contains wrinkle-busting glycoproteins, blue agaeve and amino acids. Their combined effect will strengthen, protect and moisturise the skin and support cell renewal. There are two moisturisers in the line: Hydration Proand Oil Balance Pro (both £55 – 50ml). The former contains amino acids and peptides from coconuts, which help to strengthen and tone skin; while the latter works to clear and refresh ‘stressed’ oily skin.

Cleanse & Shave Bottle.jpeg

Visit and you can watch a video that will complete the routine with a 4x4x4 training programme – that’s training for your face. This is the kind of stuff that loads of women have known for ever. Watch and learn!

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