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Lifefuelled Skincare for Men by Proverb. on Off the Cuff. Ldn. 

The last year has seen a large number of British male grooming brands join the market and the trend seems to be something that will continue into 2018 and beyond.

October saw the launch of a new British skincare brand; Proverb. Soon after their launch we we’re lucky enough to make contact with the brand and as we’re always looking to champion British brands we were keen to see what they were about.

After having a brief chat it was clear to me that this was no ordinary skincare brand. The brand revolve around he philosophy ‘you get out what you put in‘, hence the name ‘Proverb’. It’s this well known phrase is the key foundation to the products Proverb offer.

The full range features six products: a Skin Defining Facial Scrub; an Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser; a Strengthening Skin Serum, a Hydration Pro Moisturiser;  a Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud and a Skin Resistance Training Supplement.

We were privileged enough to test drive the Hydration Pro Moisturiser along with the Skin Defining Facial Scrub.

Get out what you put in

Proverb have taken a refreshing approach to modern men’s skincare considering an all round lifestyle perspective.

The brand inspire men to get their skin, body and mindset to peak condition through a lifefuelled programme incorporating skincare, supplements and expert advice. They’ve taken the understanding and efficacy of elite sports nutrition and applied it to your skin.

Hydration Pro Moisturiser

Initial impressions were good, the packaging was neat, sharp and smart; working well with the brand image – simple and concise. This clean branding wouldn’t look out of place in any modern gentleman’s grooming collection.

Now, I regularly work night shifts which over time I’ve figured out does my skin no favours.  I have a real problem with dry skin skin and unfortunately I feel like my skin is ageing far quicker than it should!

I tested the Hydration Pro Moisturiser for a couple of months using a small amount twice a day and my skin felt a lot healthier even within a couple of weeks. This moisturising protection holds complex amino acids to tone, strengthen and protect dry skin. 

Furthermore, reading up on the formula revealed that Proverb included Hyaluronic Acid in the moisturiser. I’d not come across this ingredient before but apparently Proverb claim that tests revealed an increase skin hydration by up to 10% and more than 20% reduction of oiliness was seen in 12 weeks!

Skin Defining Facial Scrub

The first thing I noticed as I began massaging the facial scrub onto my skin was the incredibly refreshing scent; a nice touch when the majority of the market doesn’t necessarily consider this. 

Down to business, again I used the scrub over the same period as the Proverb moisturiser. The scrub not only removed dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants that accumulated through the day, it energised my skin with proteins and power grains to refresh and improve my skin tone and texture.

Using only once or twice a week, the scrub created a clean canvas for my skin to be more receptive to the application of moisturisers and left my skin in peak condition.

Final thoughts…

Proverb’s products range from £30 to £65 so the prices are to be considered high end, but I have to stress, from my experience you are paying for premium skincare. You’re not just purchasing groundbreaking formulas but also a revolutionary brand ethos of which I’ve never seen before.

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