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How To Revive Your Skin This Party Season

Party season is getting into full swing, with non-stop parties, get-togethers, and being 'Out Out' pretty much every night. This is good news for our social lives, but not so good for our skin. Late nights, a diet of party snacks and alcohol can leave the skin tired and dull-looking

Here are our five top tips to keeping skin looking on point this party season.

1. Morning Skincare

A skincare glow-up starts way before you apply any products to your skin. Step one is to start each day with the juice of one organic lemon squeezed into a pint of water. Drink this and take a Proverb Skin Strengthening Skin Supplement: it'll work as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to help the body fight free radicals. 

Our strengthening skin supplement also contains Zinc which has been found to benefit irritated skin and Magnesium which can contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue by improving sleep and increasing testosterone production. Now that your skin is awake and refreshed we move to tip number two.

2. Feed Your Skin

To ensure your skin is looking its best during the party season you have to feed it as you would your body. Nutrients play a very important role in protecting you from skin damage, so lots of protein and vitamins are essential for the healthy glowing skin you want. To help you with this task, a serum is an effective shortcut to giving your skin exactly what it needs: think of it like a vitamin-packed protein shot...a Nutri-bullet for your skin. 

Proverb Strengthening Skin Serum contains glycoproteins, a complex of amino acids and peptides from coconut, coupled with low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid, Pomegranate, Acai, fermented lycopene, egg white albumen, Papaya, Sea buckthorn, Blue Agave, Thyme, Basil, bitter orange. All of these work together to ensure that your skin gets the nourishment that it needs.

3. Protect Your Skin

When applying skincare products think of moisturiser like your winter coat. The serum goes on first and nourishes the skin (like your base layer), then you apply your moisturiser over the top to 'seal in' the goodness and protect the skin (like your coat). 

Be sure to avoid moisturiser with paraffin liquid, your motor oil..some companies put this in skincare! Do pick a moisturiser that suits your skin type. At Proverb we offer the best solution for your own skin needs: Proverb Hydration Pro Moisturiser for normal to dry skin, or Proverb Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser for combination skin. 

4. Pillow Talk

What if we told you you can revive your skin this party season in your sleep (literally)?. The dirt and oil from your skin and hair get transferred to your pillow daily, by changing your pillowcase every other day you can prevent breakouts and wrinkles. This is a really important skincare tip to ensure that when you do hit the sack you're not transferring any of the previous night’s excesses onto your skin.

5. Post-Party Morning Cleanse 

Cleanse every morning and night during party season and every other season. And do it properly. If you don’t clean your face properly everything else is pointless. Try to avoid using a drying soap or shower gel as it will unbalance your acid mantle and pH: this might lead to excess sebum (your natural oils) production. 

Proverb Cleanse and Shave Nutrient Mud is a dual-action, calming, deep cleansing, wash and shaving cream. It is mineral and vitamin fuelled to protect and hydrate your skin, making sure your skin is ready for the next party you attend.
Festive seasons are always going to be a time for overindulgence, but some good skincare can truly help you look great from desk to dance floor and back again.