From coffee, to skincare; over the last 5 years my relationship with Luke, Kirstie and slightly shorter but much loved relationship with Ben has been very fulfilling! So, from coffee to skincare… how does that work, how do those worlds collide and how did I end up going from pouring coffee too designing and creating content for Proverb?

It started out with me working as a barista in the local coffee joint where you could quite frequently (almost every day…) find Kirstie, who’d more often than not be accompanied by Luke, and at the time, their littlest child Charlie, who confidently became the first baby I ever held, which I think sums up how close we all are rather fittingly. Over a couple of years, and possibly thousands of coffees, we spent a lot of time talking, and inevitably their idea of Proverb was shared with me and it became apparent we all had similar enthusiastic, lifefuelled lifestyles and interests, the idea of me working for them was I something I know I for one liked the sound of. Needless to say they must have felt the same as here I am 5 years later with 3 years of working for them under my belt.

I guess you could say they took a punt on whether me working with them would work out or not, seeing as I had no degree, no experience in business and definitely minimal experience in skincare. But I could edit videos, I was good with a camera and I like to think they had experienced the best of my customer service, which perhaps was the nail in the coffin to reach out in faith and see if their punt would pay off.

We all have a pretty similar outgoing, energetic and fun personality which I guess makes working with pretty fluent and effective, and although I do spend time banging their heads together, they assure me this is one of the most valuable services I can provide, I am the one who gets to “Escape” more often, which provides me with the opportunity to come back to situations with a fresh aspect, and perhaps with a new outlook, something which I believe there is a great value in.

In this office, its all about being yourself and being your best self at that! Egos are left at the door, and we just crack on each day with the task at hand! I’m very proud of everything we create here at Proverb, from the products we make, to the archives of tips and advice we’ve been creating for you over time, and I for one am excited for everything we’ve got to come!


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