Plastic Bottles Saved


Plastic Bottles Saved

Top Sustainable Brands

Over the past 2 years, sustainability has been at the forefront of people's shopping habits - our deep-dive into the past years’ organic beauty and skincare search trends proves it.

Everything from fast fashion, excessive food packaging and even plastic straws have had people switching out their old ways to newer and more sustainable alternatives. 

With all this in mind, here are some of the best sustainable brands that we know will make your top list too!

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

A Proverb favourite, not only does Who Gives A Crap have a witty name, they do some pretty cool things with toilet paper too. 

Founded back in 2021, this UK sustainable brand sells 100% bamboo toilet rolls that are 100% the most elegant toilet paper you’ve ever seen. It is fully biodegradable, plus they donate 50% of their profits to their charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation. 

Who knew you could be helping millions of people access clean water by just using the loo!

MOLO NIKO Swimming Shorts 

As the summer approaches, it's the perfect time to invest in sustainable swimming shorts for kids, MOLO is one of our top sustainable brands to do this. 

The NIKO swimming shorts have a UV protection of 50+ as well using between 70-100% Repreve recycled polyester. In case you didn’t know, Repreve is the leading, most trusted brand in reusable fibres that is made from plastic bottles and other waste. 

The production of recycled polyester utilises far fewer resources and emits less CO2, making MOLO’s recycled swimwear a sustainable choice that will revamp your children’s summer wardrobe.

Natural Collection 

The Natural Collection is an indoor and outdoor accessories brand that creates sustainable gifts, and zero-waste items. All of their products are locally made in the UK products you can shop by Ethics or by Brand. The products are either made from eco-friendly materials, or with eco-friendly processes whilst also helping you run a more environmentally friendly home.

The Fair Trade tag includes a range of products that are certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, BAFTS or WFTO, or those that are made per the principles and standards of fair and ethical trading. It is through fair trade that small scale producers in developing countries earn enough money to not only support their families but also enable them to become financially stable and work their way out of poverty. Seems like a win-win for us and a guaranteed entry in our 5 best sustainable brands list!

DAB Paints

If anyone is thinking of doing up their home or moving house, this one might be for you. DAB Paints is an organic plant-based furniture paint with 20 different paint colours to choose from. The paint is made from soya and has a long list of benefits beyond just the environmental aspect, such as easy application, high pigment quality and it even doubles up as a top coat with UV, scratch and water protection. 

This UK sustainable brand has gone one step further: to make the recycling process of their packaging a little more fun, hoping to encourage a higher success rate of recycling, they have included a complimentary seed pack in every 500ml pot of paint, Meaning customers can fill their cardboard sleeve with soil, plant their seeds within, allow them to germinate and then plant the whole container in your flower bed. This brings a new plant to our ecosystem in the hope to restore the balance by replacing the plants used within our product.


Last on our list of top sustainable brands is TALA. They create activewear that is comfortable and stylish from up-cycled, recycled, and natural fibres. TALA is on a mission to create affordable and sustainable styles without the need to compromise on high-performance designs and flattering fits… and they’re doing it great! 

At TALA, their priority is to design size-inclusive clothes that you’ll want to wear over and over again. You’re sure to find the style that suits you best, knowing that all of their pieces are animal-free and are ethically made by fairly paid workers.

There you have it, our list of 5 best sustainable brands you need to follow - did we miss your favourite? Head over to our socials @ProverbSkin and tag the UK sustainable brands we need to include on our list.