Refillable Deodorant CASE
Refillable Deodorant CASE
Refillable Deodorant CASE

Refillable Deodorant CASE

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How it works: This is your outer refillable deodorant case only, no deodorant. For if you need a spare case or want a different colour to have an easy way to differentiate your deodorant flavours or who’s is who's.


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Key actives

The outside case was essential. It needed to be strong, durable, scratch-resistant, dishwasher proof and travel proof. We wanted it to bounce around in a gym bag and most importantly mean you will only need one. Hence why, it is plastic - normal plastic.

Life lessons

Our outer case - but why is it still plastic? Yup, it is. But, why? Well, we’ve explored all the options and it’s the best we could find (for now).

Paper: We started testing and making paper deodorant tubes but found these are difficult to deal with as the consumer - a bit like putting a Calippo ice lolly under your armpit it just keeps falling back down (that was 3.5 years ago when Kirstie first started to formulate this deodorant.)

Unbelievably, when we really, really researched and quizzed a lot of recycling experts they also confirmed that with so many layers of different paper, cardboards and films they were actually grade 7- i.e. we couldn’t recycle them.

Aluminium: In our early days, we started with aluminium packaging as we thought it was more “eco” but it dents, it scratches and ends up looking like you don’t want to keep it. This can be reduced if you line it with plastic, so it is aluminium on the top and plastic underneath. But this is misleading, and difficult to recycle as they would need to be split apart.

Also, while the marketing message is that it’s more recyclable and better for the planet, when you really dig and research the impact caused by mining aluminium - it is not clear cut. Our detailed research on aluminium does not prove it is better for the environment, despite what many brands market.

Glass: wasn’t an option for us. Living a ‘get out what you put in’ ethos likely means travel, an active life, sport and adventure. Carrying glass in your bag isn’t ideal, nor is it when you drop it on your tiled bathroom floor.

Bioplastic: As an eco-brand we looked for ‘better plastic’ option for the outer case. It’s made with all plants… really??? There are some refillable deodorant cases making these claims for their plastic case. In reality, what this means is, plastic - made using ethanol from sugar cane. These came into existence a good few years back and we got close to moving some of our skincare brands into them too.

The marketing stance is clear, you can make statements like made from plants. Yes, sugar cane plastic doesn’t come from fossil fuels, but it is produced through farming – subsequently, using a lot of resources. Nor is it all only sugar cane.

Farming sugarcane in Brazil relies on large plantations, using lots of pesticides and fertilisers which negatively impact soil and biodiversity, as well as using significant amounts of water. Large plantations displace local farmers onto more marginal and vulnerable land. Not to mention, everything then has a carbon footprint starting in Brazil.

If you would like to know more, head over to our blog.

How to use

We don’t want your outer cases to be recycled. We want them used and reused. If they break for any reason, contact us and we will get them back, to be repaired - just like the army, we aim to repair and reuse, not throw equipment away.

Each Refill contains a recyclable plastic PET wheel. Please keep and collect these and when you have 6, we will send you a special bag to send them back to us so we can reuse them.

Do you still want to minimise the packaging more? We would love you to! After you have bought your first refill, we will also give you the option to never have a box with your refill again, so it is straight up naked it its special paper wrap. It means your deodorant wastage would be a tiny ball of paper about the size of a 10p piece coin once you have screwed it up in your hand.

An amazingly positive choice compared to an aerosol deodorant can which lasts approximately 4 weeks. If each person you know is binning 10- 12 of these a year that is a mega waste pile, all just from the deodorant industry.

More information

We’ve created a solid, stylish, strong case that can be used over and over again. It is smooth, refined and oozes high-end quality. This is a product that can sit out on display and not hide in a draw! It doesn’t dent and happily bounces around in your gym or travel bag.

Our cases come in a choice of two colours and you keep and reuse it again and again. Dishwasher safe and the perfect way to avoid adding to the plastic heaps. Our deodorant refills are easy to fit and arrive in a specialist paper wrap that not only protects the deodorant but is viable to go straight into the paper stream.



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