Support Will Greenwood's Arctic Challenge 2018

We've always had a ton of respect for Will Greenwood (still the best rugby mind I have ever played with), but never more so than now. While we were playing at Harlequins Will and Caro's first son Freddie was born at 22 weeks and lived for less than an hour. Premature birth is the leading cause of death and disability in children under 5. In the UK, 60,000 babies are born prematurely. Borne is a charity with the mission to improve the lives of babies and mothers through pioneering research into the treatment and prevention of premature birth.

This April, a courageous team of Borne supporters, including Will, have set themselves an extreme challenge: to walk to the North Pole and raise £750,000 for new research into the causes of preterm birth. Team Borne will traverse the Arctic Ocean, one of the most inhospitable regions on the planet. The distances are immense, the ice conditions unstable, the weather unpredictable, and there is no escape from the extreme cold. Temperatures are between -25C and -45C.

Will is trekking to the North Pole for Freddie, and for Borne because their vital research will prevent preterm birth. They have arrived and start walking today. Proverb Foundation will be donating to his quest.

If you'd like to donate head over to his JustGiving page. Link here..

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