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"We often receive a variety of grooming products to review, from shaving equipment to facial creams. Most tend to be good but few urge us to change our own skincare regimes – that was until were were introduced to Proverb.

Created by former Harlequins RFC player, Luke Sherriff, his wife and Beauty specialist, Kirstie Sherriff and former British Rower, Ben Burch – Proverb was created to “inspire men to feel better about their skin, body and mindset through being lifefuelled”.

As a new brand, Proverb has a small range and for the last month I have been using two of the products – the Cleanse and Shave Nutrient Mud and the Hydration Pro Moisturiser.

The Mud is mineral and vitamin heavy to replenish skin function and can be used as part of a shaving routine or on its own as a daily cleanser. Being a mud based cleanser it took a while to get used to the thickness of the cleanser on the face. After regular usage this was overcome, providing a refreshing wash.


My clear favourite was the Hydration Pro Moisturiser. Beneficial for those with dry skin, the moisturiser contains amino acids to tone and strengthen the skin while preventing wrinkles. The real test of a moisturiser is how long it can last and in this respect the Hydration Pro certainly did not disappoint. Applying this in the morning, my face remained moisturised throughout the day, even in the humidity of a stuffy office. Even with a beard the Hydration Pro did its job, keeping sufficient moisture on my face and importantly, never to the the point that it became oily, rather glowing and smooth.

The Cleanse and Shave Nutrient Mud is £30. At £55 for a 50ml bottle, the Hydration Pro may seem pricey,  it is worth every penny and as the motto of Proverb prescribes,  you “get out what you put in”.

Proverb has most definitely earned a thumbs up from Street Gentry and the Hydration Pro has become my go-to facial moisturiser.


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