INGREDIENT FOCUS: SPIRULINA - Not just an awesome anti-oxidant to put in your Nutribullet!!

Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite on Unsplash

To be honest the title photo at the beginning of this blog pretty much sums up the problem with Spirulina - searched through hundreds of photos and struggled to find one that made it look in any way appealing to put eat. If you are like the only way to really get this incredible anti-oxidant into your diet was to throw it in a Nutribullit and hope you didn’t notice its rather mouldy taste!!

Still, there is good reason to overcome its lack of appeal!

Several scientific studies demonstrated that spirulina has an extraordinary antioxidant potential, more than 500 times higher than isolated tocopherols, which are proven to be excellent antioxidants. This is possible through the synergistic action of vitamins, natural pigment phytonutrients or minerals - all contained in spirulina - which are among the most effective antioxidants known.

Rich in antioxidant molecules, the spirulina actively fights against the free radicals responsible for the ageing of the cells which attack our cell both intrinsically (free radicals created within our body) and extrinsically (free radicals from the environment created by things like smoking). Not only do free radicals reduce our ability to reproduce by oxidising and damaging our DNA but worse still can cause errors in cell reproduction which is not good!

This is particularly relevant for your skin, which is not only the biggest organ in the body but the one that is exposed, for obvious reasons, to the most extrinsic damage by free radicals. So anything you can do to boost your skin’s antioxidant levels and reduce oxidative stress will help keep your skin looking healthier for longer.

An this is why we have included it in the ingredient list of our most hardwearing moisturisers ideal for an active outdoor lifestyle.

After all, what you put on your body should be as important as what you put in your body!

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