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How To Care For Dry And Cracked Hands

Everyone is struggling with the effects that COVID-19 is having on our lives right now. Since the outbreak, shops have been inundated with high demand for hand sanitiser and soap. However, the only problem with hand sanitiser is that it slowly strips away layers of your skin the more you apply. Washing your hands is just as important as hand sanitiser but can cause your hands to become dry and cracked if not dried properly. Washing your hands for 20 seconds regularly and using hand sanitiser continuously throughout the day, before touching your face has become our new normal. Equally, so has dry and cracked hands. Market research company, Mintel, announced that there has been a spike in the amount...

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Everything You Need to Know About Hand Sanitiser Spray

Sanitising has quickly become a conversation starter like the weather. This year, unlike most, has transformed our way of thinking - sanitising has become as important as brushing your teeth everyday. But what is the difference between hand gel and hand sanitiser spray? We created your go-to guide for all things sanitising... What is sanitising? Sanitising is the process of killing bacteria (what you cannot see) and this is achieved by using heat and/or chemicals. It is not an option to use either a detergent or a sanitiser – both must be used. In short, sanitising is a step beyond the cleaning process of applying or spraying chemicals to disinfect a clean surface or hands to a safe level. In...

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Alcohol Free Sanitiser: Does it work?

Hand sanitising has now become a way of life for all over the past year, about to touch a door handle? Sanitise your hands after. About to enter a shop? Sanitise your hands. About to eat? Sanitise your hands. However, while hand sanitiser is a staple in the new Covid world – the same can’t be said for your hand care routine. People have been reaching for alcohol free sanitiser to see if this is a solution to dry and cracked hands – but does alcohol free sanitiser really work? We unmasked some truths… What is rubbing alcohol? In beauty and healthcare, the word ‘alcohol’ can be used to refer to either Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol. They perform essentially the...

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Gyms Now Open: A Guide To Training Etiquette

If you’re like us and eagerly anticipated the gyms reopening, so that you can get back into your usual fitness routine, instead of curling your remote control or home-works where your dog decides to join in. We get it. As lockdown restrictions begin to ease for the second time, some people may be feeling hesitant to venture out again to public places – regardless of how appealing letting off steam at the gym may be. So, how can you keep yourself and others safe when exercising? We’ve created your own guide to gym etiquette post-lockdown. When did gym’s open? The UK government announced that gyms can reopen their doors on Tuesday 2nd December 2020. What are the rules with gyms...

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